Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas catch up #2

 Then there was Christmas morning.  We put kids to bed, Sam stayed up to help us fill stockings this year.... he loved it.  We told kids not to get up before 6:30, and in spite of her 3 clocks, Ada woke up at 5 and just couldn't go back to sleep.  She came in our room three times and woke up Sam and Evelyn.  She even helped them get ready in their Sunday clothes so that they could play with their gifts until it was time for 9 am church.  We gave in at 6 and woke Seth to go down with everyone.  He wasn't too happy about it until he saw his firetruck.  Then he was happy as a clam.  We didn't do a huge Christmas, but the kids loved what they got.  Legos, mp3 players, piano music, books, games and truck/trains were among the highlights.

Jer had the day after Christmas off and we had lots of snow.  We decided to go sledding with our Tarkington cousins on Grandma's hill.  It ended up being more of a mosh pit... they kept tackling each other and running into each other on purpose.  They were happy about it until the very end when Ada got kicked in the face with a snowy boot.... she was less upset about the boot and more upset about the snow.  Seth was interested in what they were doing, but kind of intimidated too.  He went down once, then took his own sled and walked up and down the hill over and over.

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