Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wilcox Family Halloween Party

For our family party this year, we went to Cornbelly's.  Seth LOVED it, every second.  He never wanted to go to the next activity, but he sure loved every single one of them.

Sam, Devin, Ada, Lance, Aubrey
Evelyn, Emma, Vivien, Seth, Jordan

She loves her costume glasses.

Grandpa's part of the fun.

This is how we bean bag toss.

Ada is such a marvelous big sister.  She helped any time an adult wasn't needed.  She made sure Seth played, was buckled, didn't get stuck.... once she left him in a little maze, but it was enclosed and we knew where he was.  I think that riding on the tractor was his absolute favorite!

Tractor pull.  It was a lot more fun to pull a tractor than I thought it would be.


They even had a giant foosball game.  Poor Ada kept losing her shoes, and Seth insisted on being right in the middle of the game... so he's Daddy's helper.

These three have adjusted to playing together for the most part.  They're good buddies and I'm glad of it.  There's nothing like cousins.

Sam must still have a slight allergy... we came out of the maze and he was itching and irritable.  I gave him Benadryl and a shower and he was back to his normal self.

These guys were all bummed out about having to leave and they wouldn't smile for one last picture.  Sam promised he'd try again next time to smile.

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