Monday, November 7, 2016

Picture overload

Every now and then, I download all the pictures from my phone - including the ones that others have sent to me.  To keep for future reference:
A picture Jer snapped while getting our family pictures taken last week.

My wonderful Momma babysat for Jer and I so we could go to the symphony.  She really is marvelous!

These were taken while my parents were packing and getting ready to move out of their house.

These were taken at our Robertson Grandparents.  I asked the kids to help, so they went and swept leaves off the deck.

This kid and his cat.

I got to help with Ada's class trip to the zoo.  These were the 5 I was in charge of.

Playing at the new All Around Playground.

Look at Sam's arm around his sister.... awwwww.

Finished moving Grandma and Grandpa.... now just chilling.

Mario helping with the dishes.

At Target

My brother Seth moved in with us for a few months.  Can you tell that the kids are excited?

My almost daily walk... this kid and his bike.

These pictures were from the Ward Halloween party.

This one was from Jer's work party.  Seth's costume was getting washed, so he was a crayon.

This year's HalloLAN.

Ada's Primary teacher is also a teacher at her school.... Her and her husband just broke Halloween.  I honestly LOVE these costumes!

These are from the kids' school Halloween parade.

Playing Twister - Grandma's version.  (Put your right elbow on yellow and  your left butt cheek on blue.)

The view from our balcony.

Evelyn and her friend, Jeffrey.

My neighbor sent this to me.... I thought it was fun.

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