Tuesday, November 1, 2016


This year we had no strollers and no early bedtimes.  Very weird.  I think the kids had a blast though.  We got to go trick or treating with my brother Seth (I really should have gotten a picture darn it), who's living with us while my parents are building a house.  Our baby Seth keeps asking for 'Uncle Teth'. 
R2-D2, Mallory from Studio C "Awww Yeah", Mario, Rainbow Dash (she wanted to be Appa from The last Airbender... would have been an adventure.)

Evelyn's glove got locked in the door.  Jer told her she'd have to stay and hand out candy.  She said she couldn't, "Because I can't reach it." (It's right next to her.)

Seth saw this one and said, "Mom! Bug!"

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Diane said...

Cute, cute costumes. Ada looks so grown up!