Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear Daughter

I know I ruined your life by declining to bring your retainer to school for you when you forgot it.  I know it seems like a simple thing that you're asking and I ruined your world by not doing it.  For later reference, here is what you're asking of me right this minute:  Your "real quick" errand takes 30 minutes if I already have me, Seth and Evelyn ready to walk out the door.  Right when you called I had just finished getting the baby's diaper changed and was currently getting him some breakfast.  Evelyn was still sound asleep in her bed.  I was also in the middle of cleaning up the cracker crumbs, sliced turkey and cheese that you got out this morning to  make your lunch and never cleaned up.... even after I asked you to (instead you sat on the couch reading your new library book.  I do applaud this, but I would appreciate you cleaning up after yourself first.)  Now it's 9 am, both the little kids have eaten breakfast and I'm typing this out while I eat mine... then I'm off to a 3-4 hour chore of cleaning up the rest of the leaves in our yard before it snows tomorrow.... somewhere in the middle of that, I have to get Evelyn ready and drop her off at school.  That is when I could bring your retainer to  you, but honestly it wouldn't hurt you just to get it when you get home from school.  Just for your information, your Uncle Seth and I have been taking turns in the bathroom and laundry remodel.... he works on it in the morning and I work on it as soon as I get your brother down for his nap.  Then I help you with getting homework, chores, music done before I make, serve and clean up dinner.... then I've been helping bathe kids and get them in bed before I go work on the bathroom until 11-12:30 at night.  This has been my last few days and will be the next few as well until that project is done.  I'm sorry that I can't drudge up the necessary compassion to feel like your need is greater than your need for patience at this time.  I love you, and you life is not over.

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Jenny H said...

I'm really laughing now - isn't it so funny how kids think? One day Emma made some comment about how I sit around all day and play video games and eat chocolate. I nearly died laughing then. We moms put in 14 hour days and no one notices. That letter is a keeper.