Monday, September 19, 2016

Our week

Soccer was extra early this week.  It was fun, but cold.  Then it was hot for Evleyn's game in the afternoon.  We got some good running in for everyone, chores done, and the kids went to play on the bouncy slipnslide our neighbors rented for their kids' birthday. Then swimming at the rec center.  Right after we got back, Sam says, "I'm really regretting that cotton candy!" and promptly threw up on the rug. I'm not sure if he's sick or dehydrated from not drinking enough for his busy day.  Then our game night with my brother, Seth and a few friends. 
Friday night we went to the Utah Symphony.  Beautiful!  It was fun to have not just Jim and Judy, but also Amy and Jon.  Last week Amy brought Aubrey and Mariah. 

I just missed the picture.  Sam had pulled the soccer ball back from the line.  He's getting better with his foot work.

Dad and Ada

Jer and Pres Christensen coached Ada's soccer team.  So fun.

Climbing monkey

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