Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Janelle's birthday

Every year, my sister does something fun for her birthday.  This year we went to Pineview Reservoir.  I thought it would be a little cold, but honestly it was warm and sunny!   
Sunday night, we snuck up to see my sister Sharon who's on bed rest.  We had dinner and played a game.  It was fun to see Sharon and Brad. I can't wait for that baby to be here, but I'm hoping that it won't be for a couple more weeks!

Sam and Dad went on a daddy son date.... Sam said, "Dad, we should do this all the time."

McKay took the boat out for the first.  That was fun.

Grandma and me took Seth and Evelyn on a trip.  That was fun.

Seth wanted to do everything that Sam was doing.

This amazing sister loves and is loved by these nuttos.

These guys liked feeding the seagulls.

This guy was there too.  That was fun.

I asked Ada to get her hair out of her face, so Aubrey put her hair over her face.

Daddy and daughter

Dad and Daughter


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