Thursday, September 29, 2016


Awesome morning so far. It's 10 am and I fought to get Ada out the door to school this morning. She couldn't find school pants in her drawer or the newly separated laundry in the laundry room... I went in there and she had two pairs of pants in her bin. She wasted 10 more minutes searching the house for her tennis shoes when her shoes were right next to her backpack. So needless to say, she went to school without lunch (I volunteer at the school at her lunch break... I'll take her something) and her hair poking in different directions. Sam, after making the carpool wait for 5 minutes while he wandered around, I finally said to get out there and he said , "I'm trying to decide what to pack for lunch." Grrrrrr. I threw a granola bar his direction and pushed him and Ada of the door. I had a merciful 1/2 hour for me to get ready before Seth woke up crying. Why? I don't know.... he didn't start being happy til about now... he cried over me saying no TV, he cried because I asked if he wanted breakfast, he cried because I changed his diaper. Evelyn wasn't much better. She said she wanted me to help her sew a stuffed animal... I said I'd teach her if she would get dressed for school and practice the piano while I dealt with Seth. She just started bawling. I asked her why and she said, "I don't know." She's finally dressed and ready for school, but if this is how my day's going to go can I run away to Bear Lake? Rain on the lake sounds better than crying any day.... and my kids are less likely to cry at the lake too...(I do love my kids though.... is just one of those days).

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Jenny H said...

Its funny how all the kids have those bad days at the same time, isn't it? Good thing they all pass!