Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ggpa Robertson's funeral

With all families, funerals are usually more than a one day deal.  Especially if family is coming in from out of town.  John came in and stayed with us from Wed til Sat, Emily D and Jay, Emily M all stayed with Jim and Judy.  It was a good funeral.  Grandpa Jay's brother, Don, and sister, Marilyn,  came.  His sister in law and some of their kids came.  25 of the 34 grandkids came.  It was fun to look around and see the genetic similarities in all these people that I either didn't know or had only met briefly before.  The best is what they call the "Robertson gap"... a lot of the family have a big gap between their front two teeth.  I love it.  Jer got a chance to reconnect with several of his cousins and was even able to give his cousin, Andy, the guitar that his Grandma had given him years and years ago.  It made Andy's day.  Jim and his brothers and sister did a great job telling about his Dad.  One of the stories was Grandpa Jay jumping in a river and saving Alan from going over a waterfall when he didn't know how to swim.  Another was about Jay and his brother Bert loving cars and being super competitive over their cars.  Bert would buy a car with some neat features so Jay would find the car and the neat features for a cheaper price and get it there.  They'd had upwards of 30 cars each. I loved Alan bearing his testimony to the entire family of the Atonement and the Resurrection.  And apparently, the Robertsons are very musical... They performed "Abide with me" and gave me chills.

Richard(Jim's brother), Glenene(Richard's wife), Michael(Bert's son) and Judy

The pallbearers: John, Wesley, Dave, Christopher Reid, Richard, Alan, Bruce, Jim

Half of these men are engineers of one type or another.... and it shows.  All the wives gave a giggle when they put Grandpa down and then all got down again when they hadn't put the casket down exactly in the middle of the thing.

Sharon (Jer's cousin), Judy, and Ethan (Sharon's son)

Jade (Melissa's daughter), Emily M, Jer and Seth, Alice (Jer's cousin)

Brittany (Alan's daughter), Ggma, Anne (Jim's sister)

Sam gets moody when he's where he doesn't want to be.  At the viewing, it hit him that Ggpa really did die.  He starting crying and hugging me.  He asked, "But why did he have to die?" It was such a good opportunity to talk to him about the purpose of life, the purpose of death, resurrection and the Atonement.  Ggma saw him and said, "Come here." She just hugged him and patted his back.
At the cemetery, he was done.  He was grumpy and really just wanted to go home.  We told the kids that they needed to be reverent at the cemetery, no running, screaming and climbing on graves.  Sam kept climbing on the flat gravestones.  I told him to knock it off several times, after the fourth warning I finally got down on his level and said, "Sam! Stop!" Ggma, who never intervenes while I discipline, said, "You stop getting after that boy.  He's a good boy and he's not doing anything wrong."  I think that when you're faced with eternal views, little things seem a lot littler than normal.

Evelyn seemed okay... but she was from minute one.  In her 5 years, she's lost 3 people and has learned a lot about resurrection.  She was the first one I told that Grandpa had died.  She immediately looked at me and said, "But then he'll come alive again and have his body again." 

Jim, Bruce, Anne, Richard, and Alan (Howard died about 10 years ago)

Jim, Richard, Bruce
Anne, Ggma, Alan

It's sweet when boys take care of their moms.  It melts my heart.

Ada and Grandma.  Ada seems fine with everything.  She's been so blessed.  She knew 4 Great-Grandparents and a Step Great Grandma.  She's had a chance to learn from many people who love her a great deal. 

Seth was extremely wiggly, but it's good to know that he was there.  He found the program and saw the picture of Ggpa on the front.  He pointed at it and said, "Great Bampa." It was neat to see that he recognizes him by sight. He probably won't remember in later years, but he knew his Great-Grandpa.

Amy, Emily, Judy, Jim, Jay, John, Jer

Jim, John and Judy.  It was fun to have John here for a while.  Even though he had to keep disappearing to get his work done, it was fun to have time to chat, and get caught up.

Ada's tradition - ask if she can take a flower after the funeral. 

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