Sunday, September 4, 2016

Funeral luncheon

Jim and Judy's ward put together a luncheon for after the funeral.  Bless Relief Society sisters everywhere!  One of the differences at this luncheon was the sheer amount of chocolate.  Jer and his Dad had taken Grandpa to buy more chocolate three days before he died.  They put it out on the tables for people to eat because it was what Grandpa always did.  "Hi! Have some chocolate." Jer's cousin, Alice, also owns her own business (I think it's called Alice's Chocolates) and she brought 100 lbs of her chocolates and put them on the tables to share as well.  Ada told her Primary teacher today that she went to a chocolate party.  Her Primary teacher asked why she didn't get invited... I had to clarify that it was a funeral.
Thanks John for the picture!

Jer, Bruce, Jim and Alan

Richard, Dave, ?, Ggma, Melanie, ?

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