Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Soccer practice

Evelyn hiding from the rain.  Yesterday we went to Sam and Ada's soccer game.  It looked like it might rain, but didn't do much.  Right at half time there was lightning all around everyone.  Seth and Evelyn were freaked out and they called all the girls off the field for a pow wow.  I packed up to get the kids to the car and they called the game.  There was a a guy in a golf cart driving around as fast as he could telling everyone to get off the fields.  It was scary and a little surreal to see 26 soccer teams and their families running for their cars.  I think the scariest thing was that Sam's field was on the other end of the fields and while I had 3 kids with me, he was down on the other field while everyone was running for it.  Luckily he found us and we got to the car just as it started pouring.

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