Sunday, September 4, 2016

After party party

No one was done talking after the luncheon, so we all went to Jim and Judy's to keep at it.  Ggma told us the story about when there was a dead mouse in the laundry blocking the sink drain.  She picked it up by the head and just screamed when she realized what it was.
Yesterday, all these people went over to Ggma's apartment at Cove Point and moved her over into an inside apartment.  It didn't take long with all the helpers.
Maida's baby on the floor, Max, Bruce, Alan, Rachelle, Micheal, Ggma, Julie, Marilyn, Andy 

Jer, John and Jay played soccer every day they could.  It was fun to watch them and made me glad that Sam and Seth have a brother.

Melissa, Sam, Mariah, John

Jer, Lance, Sam, John, Danny

Ada (Melissa and Jer)

Ada blocked a goal... giving fist bumps.

Sam explained to us that this was a very sweaty game.

Sam, Jenny, Ethan, Ada

Sam, John, Jay, Lance, ?, Mariah

Ada, Jer and Jenny

These three!  Isabelle, LucyJayne, and Seth.  I think Isabelle is a 6 months older than Seth and Seth is about 9 months older than Lucy.

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