Thursday, September 29, 2016


Awesome morning so far. It's 10 am and I fought to get Ada out the door to school this morning. She couldn't find school pants in her drawer or the newly separated laundry in the laundry room... I went in there and she had two pairs of pants in her bin. She wasted 10 more minutes searching the house for her tennis shoes when her shoes were right next to her backpack. So needless to say, she went to school without lunch (I volunteer at the school at her lunch break... I'll take her something) and her hair poking in different directions. Sam, after making the carpool wait for 5 minutes while he wandered around, I finally said to get out there and he said , "I'm trying to decide what to pack for lunch." Grrrrrr. I threw a granola bar his direction and pushed him and Ada of the door. I had a merciful 1/2 hour for me to get ready before Seth woke up crying. Why? I don't know.... he didn't start being happy til about now... he cried over me saying no TV, he cried because I asked if he wanted breakfast, he cried because I changed his diaper. Evelyn wasn't much better. She said she wanted me to help her sew a stuffed animal... I said I'd teach her if she would get dressed for school and practice the piano while I dealt with Seth. She just started bawling. I asked her why and she said, "I don't know." She's finally dressed and ready for school, but if this is how my day's going to go can I run away to Bear Lake? Rain on the lake sounds better than crying any day.... and my kids are less likely to cry at the lake too...(I do love my kids though.... is just one of those days).

Monday, September 26, 2016


This week was definitely Fall.  Not only did it go from 85 degree weather to 45 degree weather overnight, but 4 of our 6 people were sick over the week and it snowed in the mountains.  Always exciting in Utah.  During the last week there were 2 tornados in Utah, flooding and lots of hail/rain.  But this weekend was pretty.  Saturday we went to a bridal shower for my cousin, yay!  Then my family had a bbque. That was fun to see Sharon with her big preggos belly.  She's 35 weeks and hanging in there.  Then we banished the boys to my house while we watched Womens Conference with all the girls here.  We were sad that Sophie wasn't feeling good and couldn't join us, but the girls had fun hanging out together (Emma and Ada) and they did a fair job at listening too.  Sunday, I've officially been called as the Ward organist again.  I LOVE this calling.  I've done it for 7 years, and I look forward to doing it again for a while... whether that's 6 months or another 7 years.  It's a fun one.  I also did my last ward bulletin this Sunday.  I did that one for 2 years.  I hadn't realized it was so long, but that's how many bulletins I have on my computer.  Kind of funny.  After church, we went to look at the fall leaves.  We usually go up Squaw Peak.  It was different this time... really muddy and slippery, and half the leaves were gone from windy and rainy storms this last week.  It was still pretty, just not as vibrant as usual. 

Ada took this one.

Sam took this one...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Very pink

Last Wed, Evelyn played against another pink team... all those 5 year old girls in pink on the field was just too cute.

Pink dolphins

This was a post from Sept 2016 as well that was saved instead of posted.

Evelyn is so fun to watch. She's just happy no matter what is going on. Last Wed she made three goals. She was so excited about it. Usually she hangs back and gives people five when they score, but she decided she wanted a turn. Super cute girl.

Pink dolphins

Evelyn is so fun to watch. She's just happy no matter what is going on. Last Wed she made three goals. She was so excited about it. Usually she hangs back and gives people five when they score, but she decided she wanted a turn. Super cute girl.


Shopping during school

Most of the time, I go home after dropping Evelyn off to school so that Seth can nap. Sometimes we go shopping together. His favorite things are trying on glasses and toy isles.

We soccer in style

UVU men's soccer

Ada got tickets for being quiet in class, so Thusday we went. It was fun and the kids were excited to go until we told them they had to stay close by us and not wander off. Sam gripped about it until he realized that he really was okay.

Books and brothers

Our week

Soccer was extra early this week.  It was fun, but cold.  Then it was hot for Evleyn's game in the afternoon.  We got some good running in for everyone, chores done, and the kids went to play on the bouncy slipnslide our neighbors rented for their kids' birthday. Then swimming at the rec center.  Right after we got back, Sam says, "I'm really regretting that cotton candy!" and promptly threw up on the rug. I'm not sure if he's sick or dehydrated from not drinking enough for his busy day.  Then our game night with my brother, Seth and a few friends. 

Friday night we went to the Utah Symphony.  Beautiful!  It was fun to have not just Jim and Judy, but also Amy and Jon.  Last week Amy brought Aubrey and Mariah. 

I just missed the picture.  Sam had pulled the soccer ball back from the line.  He's getting better with his foot work.

Dad and Ada

Jer and Pres Christensen coached Ada's soccer team.  So fun.

Climbing monkey

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Diane and Ruth

This week, it was so fun to have Diane and Ruth here!  Ruth was off on her way to BYU-I.  They stopped to visit with us on the way up.  I loved chatting with them (I've so missed it!) and it felt right to have some time together.  Ada really wanted to hang out with Ruth... she said, "Ruth gives the best hugs!"  Seth kept making Diane sing 'Monkeys jumping on the bed' and yelling, "Aunt Diane!" the whole time.  Ruth will do great and Diane's baby will be just as amazing as their other kids.  After dropping Ruth off, Diane came to church with us.  It was cute to watch Evelyn cuddle with her during Sacrament meeting. Hopefully we get to go visit them soon!


Soccer practice

Evelyn hiding from the rain.  Yesterday we went to Sam and Ada's soccer game.  It looked like it might rain, but didn't do much.  Right at half time there was lightning all around everyone.  Seth and Evelyn were freaked out and they called all the girls off the field for a pow wow.  I packed up to get the kids to the car and they called the game.  There was a a guy in a golf cart driving around as fast as he could telling everyone to get off the fields.  It was scary and a little surreal to see 26 soccer teams and their families running for their cars.  I think the scariest thing was that Sam's field was on the other end of the fields and while I had 3 kids with me, he was down on the other field while everyone was running for it.  Luckily he found us and we got to the car just as it started pouring.

Sharon's baby shower

Seth's birthday/fencing camp/getting locked out of the house

Evelyn broke the house key in the door... so we hung out in the back yard while my mom came to rescue me.