Saturday, August 27, 2016

Soccer again

Three kids in soccer makes for a crazy schedule, but for happy kids.  Evelyn was pleased as punch to get to play on her own team this season.  She would run down the field, get in the pack, kick the ball and then back out so that someone else could kick it.  We think she might have gotten a goal, but it was hard to tell with the mosh pit of kids going down the field.

She made a friend and when they tripped, they stood up and shook hands very enthusiastically.

She kept falling on purpose.  It was so funny!

Go Pink Dolphins!

That's my girl!

This kid is sooooo excited to be back.  He made three goals and was so mad at himself whenever the other team made a goal.  We're going to have to talk about that if he keeps that up.

Seth and his nursery friend, Corbin, played together for a little while.  Unfortunately, Seth was a grump and got territorial with the wagon.

Jer is Ada's Assistant coach.  Her game was at the same time as Sam's so I didn't get any pictures this time, but the best part is that she's learning some very real things this season.  It's hard on her to change, but they've moved to a bigger field and playing positions.  Jer said that she's a good goalie and a decent forward.  Ada says that goalie is her favorite. 

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