Saturday, August 27, 2016

Renaissance Faire

We enjoy going to the Ren Faire every year.  It's neat to see the things that people remember from weapons, woodworking, blacksmithing, etc... Sam didn't look too happy here, but honestly he had an absolute blast.  He even brought this satchel that Jer bought and that Sam sewed. 

Seth was soooo excited to see goats!

Everyone loved the ponies.  They named all their ponies, then asked the guy what they were really named.  Seth was nervous about seeing the ponies, but he loved sitting on it.


Evelyn decided that she wants to be a blacksmith too.  She got these tiny swords and really wanted this tiny hammer... The swords were $1, but the hammer was $15 so we passed.


Evelyn and her faces.

I took this picture and Evelyn said, "Now you have a picture of root beer!"

This guy reminds me of my brother, McKay. 

The girls were saying that they aren't Robin Hood, they're Robin Girls.

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