Friday, August 12, 2016

Perseid Meteor Shower

The Nasa website said that between the times of 11pm and 4:30am would be the prime time to watch the meteor shower last night.  I was all up for it, but our kids neeeeeeeeeed sleep this week.  So I bathed them, stuck them in bed and we woke them up at 2am to watch the shooting stars on the roof.  We have a perfect roof for it.  Not too high, slanted just slightly, and faced away from the street lamps in the front yard.  I don't like getting on roofs.  It always makes my heart jump a little, so I sat in the hammock while everyone was on the roof.  Evelyn got itchy with staying in the same place, so she came to join me.  We saw some good ones, but my favorite comment of the night was, "Mom, I wish the snails were out so I could poke them in the eye."

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