Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gentle chastening moments

Tonight Jer and I had the opportunity to go to the sealing of a family in our ward.  I have had conflicting feelings about the sister in the past.  I like her well enough, but some things she's said just rubbed me the wrong way (never anything about me... just comments that are easy to shrug off). They didn't bother me too much and we've been friendly in the past.  I even babysat for her a few times after her divorce a few years ago. About 8 months ago, she was called as my Visiting Teacher.  For the first 6 months, she and her companion never got around to visiting me... the next 2, they tried setting up appointments but didn't realize how hard to schedule my summers were.  But her desire to have a connection hasn't ended there. So I got invited to their Temple Sealing at the Mt Timp temple.  I love sealings.  There isn't a single one that I've attended that I haven't felt the spirit, so I said that I'd be there.  Jer wanted to be supportive, so he said he'd come too. 

Just as a little back ground, she runs her own business out of their home... she's had it for a few years and is doing really well.  It gets really busy, and that plus her two boys and the little girl that she's days away from having keeps her on her toes.  Her husband is very kind, and seems really young.  He went to the MTC, but for medical reasons didn't serve a mission.  While he was dealing with that, he met his now wife.  They make a good couple and support each other in many ways.  He doesn't work outside the home, he helps her with her business and the kids.  

They walked in, very pleasant and happy.  The sealer stood up to introduce himself like they all do, it was Bishop Gérald Caussé... the current Presiding Bishop for the church.  Apparently, he met the husband while he was at the MTC and they made a good connection.  What I want to remember are some of the things that he said to this couple.  I don't remember exact wording, but here's the gist. "While serving a mission is not a requirement for entrance into the Celestial Kingdom, an eternal marriage is.".  "You (the husband), could not be complete in yourself.  She brings things to you that you don't have, and she cannot be complete without you... you bring things to her that she doesn't have."  My favorite was something that he said while talking to someone outside of the LDS faith.  They were talking about Priests.  She was surprised that his congregation had about 40-50 Priests where hers had one.  She asked why you would need so many on a Sunday.  He replied, "The point is not to need 50 Priests on a Sunday, but to have a Priest for every home."  Then he urged the couple to go home and have him give his wife a Priesthood blessing and always be worthy to do so when his family needed him.  I LOVED what he was saying.  In this home where he seemed to be so unequal by the world's standards, he could still bless his family with the power of the Priesthood.  He is an equal partner in the family just as she is. 

It was a neat opportunity for me, not only to hear what the Bishop had to say, but to see this couple in a way that God sees them.  As an eternal family unit.  And instead of me being miffed about not being visit taught or comments said, I got to see how their continual efforts helped them become an eternal family.  It was a gentle chastening moment for me to remember to love and see as our Heavenly Father would love and see us. 

As a side note: her Uncle ended up being the Professor at BYU that Jer interned under that gave him the experience he needed to get his first job when we got married.  That was neat.

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