Thursday, August 11, 2016


Evelyn likes to call hangi kisses (maori nose kisses) noogies. 

We went to the movie 'The BFG' with my side of the family.  It was a cute movie, but afterwards Evelyn said, "I don't like the giants." I asked about the good giant.  "No, I don't like any of the giants."  And during the movie, there's a part where this light goes into each of the giants' mouths.  She yelled out, "What are they eating?!"  The best one was during the breakfast with the Queen scene.  Evelyn says, "But they didn't say their prayers!"  Everyone got a good giggle out of that.

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Diane said...

I read these to my kids. They all got a big laugh out of it. We sure miss you guys. Ruth and I will be flying out there soon and it is cheaper to fly into SLC and rent a car than it is to fly into Idaho Falls, so we will have to spend an evening with you.