Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ellis Family Reunion

This kid kept insisting that he take his bike inside the cabin.... Nothing doing kid.  I'm still torn.  Last time we came up, he rode a little riding toy around and around the sidewalk for hours.  This time I brought our big wheel so that he could keep himself busy, but it only worked part of the time.  He was so anxious about anyone touching his bike that it caused more conflict than keeping him busy... and the other kids didn't understand why I would ask them not to touch his bike when he was using it.  I had several kids with very confused looks.  I think they thought the bike belonged at the cabin.

Sam playing farkle with some of the kids and my Uncle Marty.


Seth decided that this head lamp was a train, and nothing you could say would change that.....

McKay, my Mom, Diane, Marty, Joe and Jen

Marty, Joe, Jen, Renee, Carol, Sophie and Freya, my Dad 

Theodore, Freya and Evelyn photobombing

Evelyn kept telling Freya how cute she was in a baby voice... too funny.

Grandma holding Evelyn... I can see the family resemblance.

Then Evelyn attacked Uncle McKay... awesome sauce.

I eventually had to attack her so that I could get a hug.

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