Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ellis Family Reunion

I love that I get a chance to know my family.  A big part of that is having a place that's so fun to be while we all sit around and talk with each other.  We've been truly blessed to have this Haven that my Great-Grandpa Harding built.  Here's the first day.  We got there on Thursday afternoon, but I didn't really pull out my camera while setting up camp.

Sam's addicted.  He wants to chop wood all the time.  He's getting better at aiming too.  Maybe by the time he's a teen I can trust him with a real axe and he'll be strong enough to chop some real wood.

Seth was being a pill.  He threw the biggest tantrum Thursday night about not being in a normal bed... I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, so my sister took Seth on a walk down on the beach.  Life saver.

Evelyn is funny.  She'll play with people, but she likes being on her own mostly.  So when she plays with someone I get all excited and have to take pictures.  These are Joe and Jen's girls Clara and Abby.

Clara, Evelyn

My fish

Hanging out with Nellie

Adison and Eric

These are my cute parents who took a minute to go out kayaking together.

Happy Bear Lake face


My cousin Mindy

Cheezer with Cheez-its

Evelyn, Addison, and Maggie are all 5.  They mostly get along and it's really cute.  Decker was a cute little guy.  He watched everything they were doing.

Sam with Brennan (Eric and Audra's)

The water was soooo nice.  Everyone just hung out and chatted.

My Aunt Carol, Mom and Dad.  My Mom broke her toe, which is refusing to heal because she has to be up and walking on it all the time, so they gave her a walking boot.

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