Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ellis Family Reunion-last day

These guys asked for a Frisbee to play with while we were there... they loved it.  Emma (Monica and Brian's) and Ada don't know each other very well, but they know that they're cousins... so they played together anyways and had a blast.  I was VERY proud of Ada for including Evelyn in this game instead of telling her that it was only for two people.

Ellen (Landon and Katie's) joined in and they made it a fetching game.  Evelyn was their puppy and they'd take turns throwing it for her to fetch.  Very funny.

Hanging out with Grandpa

My mom and Addison.  One of the other things I like about these reunions is that the kids just climb up on everyone... They love all these adults and feel comfortable asking any of them for anything that's needed.

Jessie (Liz and Joel's) is the oldest of the Great-grandchildren... so fun... she's now mission age.... hint hint.

Kat (Landon and Katie's) is such a cute little spunk.  She's just a little bit younger than Evelyn.  I kind of miss when they were both little babies rolling around with their chunky thighs.

Emma and Ada's epic sand castle. (She got mad at me when I called it a castle... she said, "No it's not!  It's a village!"

The first half of Saturday was too windy and a little rainy for us to set up the canopies, but that didn't keep us off the beach.  We still went and chatted, built in the sand and the bravest ones swam.  By the end of the day it was nice and sunny again.  I got to take a bunch of kids out on the kayak too.  Fun times.

Here's the boys sand castle... they dug a trench and made a series of rivers.  Devin, Sam, Chomper (William is Jake and Candace's), and I think that's Brennan with the towel on.

Jer and Seth had all the bigger kids on the raft and would push and pull the raft with the waves... it was so funny!  At one point I saw 5 people fall off at the exact same time... including Jer, Ada and Evelyn.

Jordan (McKay and Sophie's)

Lunch with Grandma.

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