Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Temple to temple 5k

This is a fun event.  As much as I don't like getting kids out of bed early, I think the temple to temple is worth it.  Jer and Grandpa Robertson ran it.  Amy and her kids, Seth, and me and my kids all walked it.  Jer came back and took Sam to run the last mile or so of it.  Evelyn walked the whole thing with her shoes on the wrong feet and wouldn't let me fix them.  I swear that this event gets bigger and bigger every year.  I don't love being in the middle of lots of people, so I kind of hang back a little and let the crowds go first.  It was fun to see a lady pulling a handcart and a man "driving" a covered wagon.  (It was on his bike).  And the neatest part was that this was the first year that there was an actual finished temple at the end of it.  At the very end of it I ran into my good friend Michelle.  That's always fun.

I love this picture.... so sweet!

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