Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pictures from my phone

This is what I remember from growing up with my Dad.  The daily pile on Dad on his bed parties.  He was such a tolerant Dad... we used to comb his hair with weird things and dog pile him all the time.

And ignore my mess... I pulled out my project box to try to finish some projects and they all got stacked in the corner of my bedroom... one by one I'll get them done or throw them out.  What I love is Seth absolutely reclining to watch our movie about the pioneers.  Complete relaxation.

Love this woman.  She was out gardening and came in for a minute.  She ended up holding this baby that wouldn't look away from her for a moment. 

This is Sam "cleaning" his room.  To be fair, that is all bedding... problem is?  Half of it's Evelyn's bedding and stuffed animals.  Do you think he could fit in the bed?

Cute brothers cuddled up and one got knocked out.

Free Slurpee day from 7-Eleven

Seth was the happiest kid the day I bought this toy for him.  He carts around his trains and sometimes even sleeps with them.  I thought this assortment was especially awesome.  Trains, lego man, My Little Pony, duplo lego, plastic carrots... awesome.

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