Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New York trip

I had a really neat opportunity last week.  My SIL Margaret was the main speaker and the moderator at a Law Conference in New York.  She needed someone to watch her baby while she was gone, so she invited me to come too.  I talked to Jer.  I didn't think that I'd be able to when she first asked me because of my kids, but when I told Jer about it he pretty much dumped me on the airplane and said, "Go have fun!"  It was very hot, but I did have fun.  It was fun to walk around New York, it was fun to have Margaret all to myself for a while, and it was fun to make Hal smile.  He's a very smiley kid.

I asked Ada what she wanted.  She said that she wanted a picture with me in front of a very big building... I said, "Done."

The Manhattan temple.  Last time Jer and I came to New York we went in.  This temple has amazing stained glass and as soon as the doors to the street close, it's absolutely silent inside.  That's a big feat for New York.

The first day, we walked over to where the conference was so have Marg check in.  Then we went to hang out and have dinner after.

He thought all the new sights were pretty cool.

We went to Café Lala.  Amazing food!  It's also the café that You've got Mail was filmed at.  It has a really fun atmosphere and the Cauliflower cheese sandwich is to die for.

Marg went back to the hotel to work on her speech and I took a walk to Central Park.  On the way there I ran into this crew.  Jer and I bought Mo Willems first book back in 2006... last time we were in New York.  Turns out that he was having an exhibit at the city history museum.  We went through that right before we left... I was so giddy to show my kids.  They all love the pigeon, knuffle bunny and Gerald and Piggy books.

I got to Central park just at the right time to see some lightning bugs and watch the sun going down.

I also ran into this lady that had a Pikachu costume.  I asked her if I could take a picture with it, so she handed me the head and said sure.  I thought it was funny that there are all these Pokémon Go players running around and I've never played the game, but I found a Pikachu.

We visited Gray's Papaya after Marg gave her part of the conference.  She said it went really well and I'm glad that she had one thing less to worry about. 

On the subway.

My favorite thing was The Cloisters.  I LOVED all the sculpture, the history, the humanity... as an artist, I love trying to figure out why and what the artist was thinking.  Most everything that we saw was between 900 AD and 1300 AD from all over Europe.  This one was carved out of Alabaster.  This is the kind of talent that I want to achieve.

I've loved these tapestries since I was a little girl watching The Last Unicorn with my family.  I thought these were in France when they were in New York this whole time.  Could you imagine being a Lady in the cold castle stitching away beautiful patterns to cover your walls. 

This doorway was from France and is the only style of doorway with the five dips in the door.

I loved all the different tops of these amazing columns.

This amazing part of the building was a monastery that ended up being used as a stable before being bought and brought to the US.

This section of the building is on loan from the Spanish government.

This is a tiny Book of Hours done for the Queen of France.

Story of King Arthur and the round table.

More beautiful alabaster.

Medieval garden.

Ecuadorian food!  I haven't had it in 11 years, but it was delicious!  The minestra wasn't as good as the stuff that I'm used to, but the rest was marvelous.

Hal wanted some too.

These guys were in Times Square.  It was weird to have Times Square be all walking and no cars allowed.  There were a lot of people.  It was fun to go to the Disney store, and a good reminder to teach my kids about good morals. 

With a stop at Carnegie Deli!

This was Shakespeare's first folio.

Mo Willems!

Thanks Marg!  It was marvelous!


Diane said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I am glad that you got to go and explore NYC.

rozanny said...

It was fun, and Math told me how much fun she had with you guys and James and Em when you were all back there.

rozanny said...

Margaret, not Math! Sorry.