Monday, July 18, 2016

My camera

Ada getting ready to hike.

Beautiful Aubrey.

Crazy Aunts.

Awesome Daddy.

I love these two!

Watching the talent show.  Here we have Millie and Lucy, Evelyn, and Sam watching Sophie and Emily sing a song.

This was an awesome accident.  I got a four generation picture when I was just going for a Jer holding Seth picture.  Seth, Great-Grandpa Jay, Jeremy, and Grandpa Jim.

Sam was pretty amazed at James' skills with the rubix cube.

These guys were all animals with wings.

The chatting corner.  Judy was here on my left, just not in the picture.  I can just imagine.  I love being around my daughters and my mom and sisters... I bet Judy loved all the time with her girls.

Ada and Grace.

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