Monday, July 18, 2016

Mirror Lake

I was gone for the weekend, but it was my Dad's birthday party.  Jer was awesome and got all the kids, boats, food ready and took the kids up.  It was really windy, but they had a blast.  The kids would get out there and not be able to get back because of the wind, so Jer would paddle out and haul them back.  He always amazes me with how great he is.  McKay and his family, Janelle and Seth all went too.  I love family get togethers.  Sharon needed to stay home and keep that baby of hers cooking a little longer.  3 more weeks Sharon!  You can do it!

Seth would let anyone else help him but this lady right here.  He must know she's my sister or something :)

And right before leaving, Ada caught this fish (Well Jer baited the hook and Ada was reeling it in for them to pack up and there was a fish on it.)  We cooked it up for dinner yesterday and the kids loved it.

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