Monday, July 18, 2016

Jer's phone

The disadvantage of having kids growing up is that then you start splitting into big kid and little kid activities.  Then I can't take pictures of the goings on... but luckily my husband knows me and knows I want pictures... Ada and him went hiking with a lot of the cousins on Timp last week.  And he took pictures.  These are some of the pictures off his phone.  Ada and him went up to the lake.  It's between an 11 and 12 mile hike.  She did amazing, she was exhausted and sore, but she did great.

Seth LOVES trains.  He especially loved Grandpa running his trains before he took out the second bridge to work on.  That man is very artistic.  I love the details he puts into things. 

Girl in heaven.

Aunt Becca and Ada

Grandpa, Uncle James, another Uncle James, Aunt Amy, Aunt Becca, Joseph, Aunt Emily, Uncle Ben, Eli, Sophie, Harrison, Ada, Jonathan, Mariah, Henry, James and Aubrey.  (Jer behind the camera).

Look at this girl!

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