Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Accidental mess and Stake Pioneer Day Celebration

Saturday was our first day of mostly work day for weeks.  It felt good to get our piling projects worked on.  I had worked on getting the house cleaned all week so that we could work on some other things... then on Friday and Saturday we had 7 kids in the house for most of the day and all that cleaning had to be re done.  On Saturday was the worst one though... Jer emptied and cleaned the garage, I took a load of stuff to the dump and went to fill up the gas can so we could mow the lawn.  While he was outside and I was gone, the 7 kids found a spray bottle and "washed" their toys with them on the back porch and had a tea party with it in the kitchen.  Result?  The baby oil that I had in the spray bottle to keep flies off the dog when there were chickens next door was now all over our outdoor patio, the back door window, the toys, the entire kitchen... especially the floor, the walls all up the stairs where kids put their hands when going to get more toys, and the kids bathroom.  It's taken me three days to really clean up the oil from everything.  I'm glad they thought it was water though... if they'd done that knowing it was oil I would have been so much more angry. 

Saturday was the day that our Stake celebrated Pioneer Day.  We had a 5k, pancake breakfast, kids parade, face painting, pioneer games (tug o war, sack races, wheelbarrow races, plain old foot races, etc...), and the fire engine that came to spray everyone down.  We didn't get the kids up early enough for the 5k, and we forgot about the fire engine and left before that, but the kids Loved the races and the parade.  They ran out of food before we got to it, so we had some juice and enjoyed the rest of it.  I do wish we'd stayed for the fire engine though.  Then our neighbor hosts a bbque and firework show every year.  When I say firework show, I really mean the big stuff.  It's what I remember the stadium of fire being years ago.  It's fun to chat with neighbors, lay on your blanket in the grass and giggle with the kids as the fireworks explode above you.  My favorite is Seth.  He had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but I got him to come lay by me... after the first pause in the fireworks he clapped and said, "Yay!"  Then at each pause after that, he'd do the same thing.  The finally was a little too loud for him, but the rest was so cute.  

Sunday morning was hard because of staying up so late though!  It's hard to decide whether tired kids at church is worth it, but I do love the socializing.

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