Sunday, June 12, 2016


Saturday brought the return of baseball to our house.  We asked Ada to let Evelyn have a turn playing this time... and Evelyn couldn't be more excited.  She says that now that she's 5, she gets to do things like Karate.  Saturday morning, Jer ran the Utah Valley Marathon.  Let me say, I have an amazingly goal oriented and determined husband.  Even though I kept him from running full marathons while we had our very clingy 4th baby, he trained consistently and put in all the work to be able to do it again.  Unfortunately, he was supposed to be coming in about the same time as our kids were supposed to be at coach pitch and Tball games... so we cheered from afar.  I told all the kids when I got the race text saying he'd come in.... Ada said, "I thought it was 29 miles!"  Sam likes baseball.  And he'd rather play well than look good.  We couldn't find his mit, but instead of using Dad's which is too big and bulky, he chose to use Ada's.  He said, "I don't care if they make fun of me, just if I don't catch the ball."  We got there when it was pouring and got pretty wet, but the kids didn't mind.  They had fun being in the rain.  I was trying desperately to finish Sam's quilt that I was making for his birthday... so Ada took pictures for Sam's game and Sam took pictures at Evelyn's.

I loved looking at the pictures after to see what the kids had taken.  Among them were about 30 of Evelyn with this kid in front of her.... and he was standing in a different pose on one foot in every one of them.

I finally finished and gave him his birthday quilt.  Sam has read the first two Harry Potter books and was Harry Potter for Halloween last year.  I've never made my own patterns before, but the one and only pattern online that I could follow had things like the Dark Mark on it.... I didn't think that was appropriate for my soon to be 7 year old... so I made my own.  It was hard the first couple blocks, but once I got the idea of it... I enjoyed making my own patterns.  I gave it to him this morning and he LOVED it.  He rolled up in it and kept giving me hugs.

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