Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Divine Intervention

Yesterday was the end of our very long family campout.  It was heavenly!  We got to play with kids on both Sam and Evelyn's birthdays.  But apparently we loaded too much into the trailer and not enough in the van... Jer got the trailer balanced nicely, but we didn't pay any attention to if it was heavier than the van.  We had one scary moment going down Echo canyon, but Jer had it under control.  The scary part was when we went down the two big hills by the Jordanelle Resevoir.  We'd said a prayer to keep us safe, Jer had checked and double checked the trailer, but as we went down the first smaller hill we started swerving back and forth between the two lanes.  Jer said that he couldn't get slow down, the trailer pushed us from 60 to 80.  It was so scary, but here's where the divin intervention came in.  When the road started heading up to the top of the second hill, Jer was able to pull us to a stop on the side of the road.  A police officer pulled up behind us, checked out the trailer briefly and suggested that we use the emergency lane to go down the big hill.  If we hadn't gotten out of control on the smaller hill right in front of the police officer, we probably would have crashed at high speeds with all our sleeping children and not sleeping children.  God allows scary and hard things to happen to us so that we can learn and so that something worse can be avoided.  I'm so grateful that worse didn't happen! 

Next time we'll either take the emergency lane, or take the Salt Lake route to avoid big hills, and probably put the heavy things in the van and the bulky things in the trailer so that the van won't be pushed going down hill. 

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Diane said...

Glad your safe!!