Monday, June 13, 2016


Lance, Ada, Emma, Aubrey and Ellie

My sister, Sharon, took this picture... I had to share because it's so epic.

Nella, the party boat.  Every time Janelle would try to take a boat out by herself, the kids would swarm her.  It's sweet to see their absolute love for her. Sorry you don't get any just you time though Nels!

The "dolphins"

Mom, it won't fit in my basket!

Evelyn and Lance said that they were puppies.

Seth loves being on the boats.  He loves hanging his hands in the water and loves trying to make Dad wobble on the paddle board.

Evelyn decided that since she's 5, she's big enough to paddle the boats.  She doesn't like being a passenger though.

Seth and Uncle Brad

The sharks are circling.

One of the awesome parts of being at the lake... cuddling babies, chatting with family, and watching kids have a blast.

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