Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bear Lake part 1

Since Jer now has more days off after being released from Scouts, and we haven't really been camping with him for more than over night for a few years.... we did a 10 day camping trip up to Bear Lake.  It was still a little chilly for the water, but the days were between 70-80s and it was so nice.  I also only had my camera for 2 of the 10 days because I forgot my camera charger.  I used my phone for a couple days, but my phone permanently died last night after 4 years of service.   We got there, and the kids went right down to the water.  Even Seth, who last year didn't want to do anything but be held by me.  He was thrilled to get wet, throw sand, eat snacks, drink from water bottles.  This kid was made for outdoors.   Every time we tried to go inside he'd get grumpy and mad.  My sister Janelle went up with us for the first three days.  That was fun.  My kids wanted to love her, sit up and chat with her in her tent, star gaze with her and eat everything that she was eating.  Right before she left, we went to Garden City and had burgers and shakes.  A dump truck pulling a tractor pulled into the parking lot and Seth almost had a heart attack.  He ran as fast as his little feet could carry him across the parking lot and just jabbered at the driver.  The driver said, "Yeah, I know it's so cool huh!"  Seth had to go touch each of the dump truck wheels and inspect everything.

We were there for both Evelyn and Sam's birthdays.  Sam got this rocket as a present from Dad.  He was so thrilled.  It was perfect to shoot at the lake.... you'd watch it go up forever and then chase it down the beach to grab it and do it all over again.  It rained one day and we stayed up at the A-frame and played games.  We had a wind storm another day where we lost some branches from off the trees.  We also took a day to do some spring cleaning up at the cabin.  Ada said, "We always clean the cabin.  Remember when Grandma had us sweep everywhere?"  On Sunday, we took our skin kissed babies to the Laketown ward where we were surprised by a visit by Elder Quentin L Cook. We also took our kids on a drive around the lake and read the Winnie the Pooh stories.  So fun.

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