Monday, May 16, 2016

Picture catch up

Grandmas are the best cuddlers... huh Grandma Wilcox and Robertson.

Park day with apples

best buds

This kid got away from me at the park while I was trying to find Evelyn that had climbed up a tree.  He headed down the park to where they were working on the road with tractors.  Thank heaven for fences, that's for sure.  He's my pure boy... tractors, cars, balls, dogs, dirt, food.....

Tired kid and his bunny.

We bought ladybugs for our rose bushes.  The kids wanted to release them together.  They were in heaven.  Lady bugs in their hair, on their clothes..... everywhere.  Seth didn't want to hold one at first, but eventually he was racing around to point at the lady bugs and pick them up saying, "Bug! Bug!"

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Jenny H said...

Awww, don't you love sleeping baby photos?