Monday, May 16, 2016

Last week

Saturday we got to go to Salem Pond to go swimming and use our boats.  Beautifully sunny, and excellently calm.  Nellie came with us.  The kids love playing with her (and she's funner than mom anyways).  Sam actually loved the kayaks this time.  Last year you had to twist his arm to get him in one.  Dad took the time to teach them some fishing basics.  And Seth LOVED the kayaks. He started sticking his hands out and standing up.... he almost dumped himself out a few times. 

Jer took us scouting for summer camp sites.

We had a tea party on Friday too.  We invited all the little girls in our neighborhood to come over and play.  It was cute to hear all the girls just giggling in the little playhouse.

Friday was also a surprise birthday party for Mariah.  It was such a fun party at Amy and Jon's new house.  Seth LOVED bobbing for apples.

The party boat

My parents came down and brought dinner.  So fun.

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