Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Princess in servitude

And yes,  she really does like to take out the garbage.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Picture catch up

Grandmas are the best cuddlers... huh Grandma Wilcox and Robertson.

Park day with apples

best buds

This kid got away from me at the park while I was trying to find Evelyn that had climbed up a tree.  He headed down the park to where they were working on the road with tractors.  Thank heaven for fences, that's for sure.  He's my pure boy... tractors, cars, balls, dogs, dirt, food.....

Tired kid and his bunny.

We bought ladybugs for our rose bushes.  The kids wanted to release them together.  They were in heaven.  Lady bugs in their hair, on their clothes..... everywhere.  Seth didn't want to hold one at first, but eventually he was racing around to point at the lady bugs and pick them up saying, "Bug! Bug!"

Last week

Saturday we got to go to Salem Pond to go swimming and use our boats.  Beautifully sunny, and excellently calm.  Nellie came with us.  The kids love playing with her (and she's funner than mom anyways).  Sam actually loved the kayaks this time.  Last year you had to twist his arm to get him in one.  Dad took the time to teach them some fishing basics.  And Seth LOVED the kayaks. He started sticking his hands out and standing up.... he almost dumped himself out a few times. 

Jer took us scouting for summer camp sites.

We had a tea party on Friday too.  We invited all the little girls in our neighborhood to come over and play.  It was cute to hear all the girls just giggling in the little playhouse.

Friday was also a surprise birthday party for Mariah.  It was such a fun party at Amy and Jon's new house.  Seth LOVED bobbing for apples.

The party boat

My parents came down and brought dinner.  So fun.

Monday, May 9, 2016


There is nothing more rewarding than helping your friends and family.  Occasionally, those times are unexpected.  My friend is an only child of an only child.  Her mom died a couple of years ago, so now it's just her and her dad.  She was asked to play her trombone at her Grandfather's funeral and needed someone to accompany her.  I haven't done anything like that for years, but I felt like I could do this.  It was neat to see how tenderly she and her dad loved her grandpa.  He seemed like a very special man.  When we got up to play, I felt at peace and she did a marvelous job despite tears.  Her grandpa was there for her that day, and maybe her mom as well. 

One comment made by her dad was awesome.  Her grandpa was a gardener, and her dad was listening to one of those radio gardening shows.  His comment was, "They said that after all the rain we've had in the last couple of days that today was a good day to plant flowers."  (Their last name is flowers).

I'm grateful that my parents gave me tools and helped me develop talents that let me help my friends and that give me opportunities to feel the Spirit.

Random family pictures

Grandpa turtle back.  This is one of the things that I remember the most about being little... my dad laying on the floor or bean bag studying and my and my siblings laying on top of him.

Milo's birthday party

Ada's field trip.

With our rec center pass, we get to try out these neat water balls any Friday night.  So fun and a lot harder than they look.

When Sam stuck an eraser up his nose.

Dentist office.  He's standing on Sam's lunch box.

The one and only bunny.  He loves having it anywhere he goes.  That was a good $15 spent.

Our Easter Wilcox fun time.