Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week of extras

Some weeks are full of have to dos... some are full of extras.  We were full of extras all this last week.  Not only did we have a fencing competition, but we had soccer start again. (Ada loves it in the cold she says, she doesn't get as sweaty.)  We also had Ada and Evelyn's ballet recitals.  I'm pretty sure this was Ada's last time in class, but Evelyn was excited as all get out.  Sam's last day of floorball for a while was also this week. I have to say though, while Ada and Sam LOVE soccer I don't like having them on different teams.  It worked out last year that practices were at the same time just a block away and games were at the same place one after another... I loved it.  This time it's Ada's game is the exact same time as Sam's practice all the way across town and vice versa.  Bleh.  We'll make it work.  That's why I don't have pictures of Sam's game this week though... Dad was asked to sub as coach for Sam and I took Ada to practice.

Ada and her friend Lily.  Ada is on the same team as 3 kids from her school.  They're a cute little group that reminds each other about soccer every time they run into each other.  Lily's twin, Beckham, sits by Ada in school and they share library books... They keep getting in trouble for talking, maybe there's a crush?

The theme this time was Peter Pan.  Ada's class were mermaids and Evelyn's were fairies.

I was sad that this one was blurry.  Ada practiced this jump over and over in our kitchen.

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Jenny H said...

Oh, those dancing photos are precious! Cute fairies and mermaids. and I hear you about soccer. I will have three in various baseball sport teams, from tball to softball. Ugggg, the driving and night practices will be such a pain! But its all worth it