Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I REALLY need to update my blog. I have a lot of pictures, but they're all on my phone, so that will be later...

-Jer officially got released from Young Mens/Scouts.  He went on his last Scout camp last weekend. 
-Ada loved Spring Break, especially getting to play with Mariah and not having school.  She had her braces put on this week too.  She's in heaven.  She feels all special.
-Sam loved part of Spring Break.  He wishes I'd let him play video games the entire week.  He had his first cavities ever.  He had three.  He has a problem with over-reacting to smells and tastes.  And cavity fillings definitely taste disgusting.  He completely lost it.  I had to hold his hands down and the assistant had to keep the jaw opener in his mouth because he kept trying to spit it out.  The first one was so bad that the dentist asked if we could schedule the next two for another time.  I said okay, but then Sam lost it again.  "You mean I have to come back and do this again!  No!  I don't want to!  Please, please! Just please finish my cavities!"  The dentist looked absolutely dumbfounded and said, "I've never had a kid beg me to fill cavities before."  I talked to Sam and let him know that they couldn't finish if he kept doing what he was doing.  He promised to behave.  The second one was better.  He screamed the entire time, but held still.  After a short break, he was tons better for the third one.  Hopefully he'll used tooth paste from now on... (I found out that he was brushing without the toothpaste because it leaves a film in his mouth that he doesn't like.)
-Evelyn has been ignoring me about everything, but then she acts all cute and innocent.  I wonder how much of it is trying to declare independence, and how much of it is acting out against her bossy older siblings being home all week. 
-Seth isn't hitting anymore and is happier lately because he gets to go outside any time he wants.  He hates napping though and even jumped out of his crib a couple of times.  He definitely still needs the nap. 

I loved Spring Break.  I hated the extra mess, but I loved the no schedule thing. 

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