Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Soccer.  My kids loved having Grandma Wilcox at their game Saturday.  Sam made two goals, Ada made one and pulled her groin muscle.  Another life lesson, you can live life while in pain.... Sam got hit in the face by the ball and knocked the ball into the other team's goal.  He kept saying that it shouldn't count. It stinks a little that their games are both at 3... sometimes we luck out with fields not too far apart, but this time they were on opposite ends.  I sat half the game with Sam and then switched with my mom and sat with Ada. 

Bean Museum and Creamery.  My sister, Sharon and her family, came down for the day.  We got to feed ducks at the park, picnic, go to the Bean Museum and the BYU creamery.  I love getting to hang out!

This is Sam doing a wiggle dance before he kicks the ball in... ummm okay then.

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