Sunday, April 24, 2016

The life and times of Beethoven

Saturday we got to go to the family concert at the Utah Symphony.  I thought Great Grandpa would have a hard time with the kids there, but he actually wanted to sit right in the middle of all of them and held Evelyn's hand all the way up the stairs. He also gave Ada the importance of good bowing speech.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A note

A note about our Tuesday's soccer game.  Ada made 4 goals!  She was so proud of herself!  She almost made a 5th one too.  She kicked it right in, but a girl blocked it with her feet... Ada kicked it again and the girl blocked it with her knees... Ada kicked it again and the girl blocked it with her chest... then the rest of the team got there and the ball was taken down field. 


Soccer.  My kids loved having Grandma Wilcox at their game Saturday.  Sam made two goals, Ada made one and pulled her groin muscle.  Another life lesson, you can live life while in pain.... Sam got hit in the face by the ball and knocked the ball into the other team's goal.  He kept saying that it shouldn't count. It stinks a little that their games are both at 3... sometimes we luck out with fields not too far apart, but this time they were on opposite ends.  I sat half the game with Sam and then switched with my mom and sat with Ada. 

Bean Museum and Creamery.  My sister, Sharon and her family, came down for the day.  We got to feed ducks at the park, picnic, go to the Bean Museum and the BYU creamery.  I love getting to hang out!

This is Sam doing a wiggle dance before he kicks the ball in... ummm okay then.


I just wanted to record some of my thoughts about the 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador on Saturday and the over 250 aftershocks they've experienced since.  I served in Manta and Bahia de Caraquez, which were two of the worst hit cities out of three that were mostly toppled.  Many of my friends were scared and left homeless, some even lost family members and friends, but thankfully I've been able to check in with them and they're mostly okay.  They've posted pictures of all my loved ones huddled in blankets in the halls and chapel floors.  Watching them go through all this made me grateful for many things.  I'm so grateful for the Resurrection and the Atonement.  I'm also grateful for the physical church organization here on the earth.  Because of the organization, they all had a place to gather when there homes were lost or dangerous... They also had leaders looking out for them.  They were able to post on facebook within mere hours that all their wards were accounted for because of Home Teachers and leaders.  I'm also very grateful that the Latin American people are so spiritual.  My instructor in the MTC said that he'd never met a more spiritual group of people.  I didn't understand what he meant.  It's common practice in Latin America to speak about God in their everyday lives with everyone they meet.  It's not uncommon to meet people that have dreams and promptings long before they're taught by the missionaries.  That's the kind of state of being that lends itself to believing in and accepting when miracles happen.  My mamita in the Manta ward has been going through cancer treatments, lost her son in an accident a couple years ago, and now lives on her own.  She usually is all on  her own, but a couple just happened to be visiting her from the ward when the earthquake hit and were able to get her to safety.  The couple were the parents of a lady who was serving her mission here in Utah at the same time that I was there teaching her dad.  Her dad has never joined the church, but he was willing to visit church members when prompted.

This tragedy that will leave a significant impact not only on the current but also future financial state of Ecuador may leave a significant impact on the spiritual well being of these amazing people.  Not only for those directly involved, but those lending helping hands as well.  The third area that I served in was Santa Elena.  What was two branches is now two stakes, and they posted pictures of a chapel full of supplies, water, food and people going to help those that lost everything.  People with nothing giving to people who lost everything.  It's a beautiful thing.

From Evelyn's mouth to our ears

Evelyn is pretty funny... She told my sister and dad that she was going to kill all the bad guys and that she was going to whistle for the birds to help her.  I'm not sure if she's thinking Snow White or The Byrds.   Then she told me that she couldn't clean her room because her toes were hungry.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mommy heart

Oh these learning moments here on earth!  I know that each kid is individual and that they all have to figure out how to get along in the world without you, but sometimes it's really hard not to interfere too much.  This year has been really hard on my kids socially and has kind of given Ada especially some challenges.  People have told me that about age 8/9 kids start to split off into their own groups... you can see the kids that like this that or the other clumping together more and more.  I get it, but it's hard to watch.  Socially, Ada has "lost" (had move away) her best cousin friends (Adam, Rachel and Anya), her best friend from down the street and another friend from a block away just in the last 6 months.  Now the new girl across the street has rejected her offer of friendship over and over again and the only two girls that live close by have decided that they don't like including Ada (one said it's because I asked Ada not to play video games all the time at other peoples homes and the other said it's because she wants to climb trees and play football but Ada only wants to ride her bike and play on the trampoline).  I'm so glad that Mariah has moved back to Utah!  Ada is loving getting to play with her, and luckily she adores the girls from her soccer team... They just don't live conveniently close. 

We carpool with two other families to the charter school where the kids have loved going for the last three years.  The car pool has mostly been great.  My kids tend to be slow getting out the door and that really doesn't sit well with the 4th grader, but it's been such a help for me... especially last year when I would have had to drive the kids back and fourth 3 times a day for a total of about 1 1/2 hours of my day ever day with a newborn... not the 20-30 mins that I put in three times a week right now.   At first it was great.  Ada loved having her friend in the car.  They all learned about getting along and sharing at least to some degree. The other two kids are the youngest kids and are about 3-4 years younger than their siblings.  They had a hard time getting used to the fact that I have car seats that you can't move and that they have to climb all the way in the back of the car (terrible fate).  The one family also has a dvd player in their car, so they have to talk in mine (also a terrible fate).  It's mostly fun, except when the oldest boy has a migraine (which his mom has them almost daily... so I'm not sure if he really has them or if he uses them as an excuse to get what he wants.)  When he's not feeling well, he yells at all the kids to be quiet... including a 4 year old Evelyn that has a very active mouth and a 1 year old baby that doesn't always like being stuck in his car seat when he'd rather be taking a nap.  I've had words with  him and his mom. His mom understands and has even grounded him for weeks at a time for his behavior, but today my heart hurts.  Ada used to play with her friend almost every day of the last school  year, then it became every Tuesday and Saturday through the summer because that's when the other boy wasn't available to play with her.... and the other boy couldn't possibly have more than one person play.  It's just too stressful.  Now, since the beginning of the school year, neither of them will play with my kids yet my kids ask at least twice a week with the same response.  "No, I just can't handle more than one friend over at a time."  They never think of coming over to our house even though they used to. I have invited them both over a couple of times and all 6 kids played together in my backyard and on their bikes without problems.  I really don't understand how it's too stressful to play with more than one person when you've done it before. 

It just hurts my heart that Sam idolizes an older boy that is so anti-social and selfish just because he knows all about video games.  It hurts my heart that my very social Ada has been denied over and over again after losing so many friends in the last little bit.  I know they have to get through it and learn how to deal with it, but it hurts my mommy heart.

(As a side note, I don't usually try to discipline other people's kids, but I've had words with the 4th grader several times this year... including how he just has to learn to deal with the fact that babies cry sometimes... he made the comment about how he's so glad that he's the youngest and doesn't have to deal with crying babies.  I told him that he'll have to learn if he's going to have anything to do with other people out in the real world and be a dad someday.  He looked at me kind of shocked at the thought of growing up to be a dad.  He looked like he had absolutely no clue of the fact that that's how you have a family.  He also screams at the kids to shut up because his head hurts... yet he screams louder than the other kids put together. Yeah, I'm not a fan.)

Today, after excitedly chatting about what they were going to do together all the way home Ada asked if she could come play too... and got the same answer from both of them that she's been getting all year. "Sorry, I can only deal with one friend at a time." I said something to the effect that I wasn't trying to be mean, but I really needed to tell them to knock it off.  I got after them for excluding my kids all the time and said that if they didn't want to be friends, fine... just stop being so mean.  After I was done the one said that Sam could come next Friday to play (a week from now, sheesh... yeah, that's being inclusive) and the other said that she'd come play with Ada tomorrow... problem is that she ALWAYS shows up while the kids are doing chores when she comes on Saturdays.  I don't want to force them to be friends... in fact, I'd be happy to not deal with the boy at all... except for the fact that we're expecting to keep carpooling with them for the next two years and his dad is our Home Teacher. 

Sometimes it's hard to deal with other people's free will and kids that aren't your own!  Gahhhh!  I'm really tempted to bite the bullet and just drop out of the carpool for next year, but if we do that I'm also tempted to switch to a closer school so that I'm not in the car for most of the day.  Bleeeeeeh.  I don't even want to open that can of worms today, especially because I feel like I'm mostly just trying to avoid the situation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I was asking Evelyn if she wanted to get a membership to somewhere instead of a big present for her birthday.  She said, "I have a membership in my silly brain.  It helps me member things."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Game time

At the soccer game tonight, Ada made her first goal and baby (who was sitting in a chair on the sidelines next to me) got a ball to the face... eventful.


I REALLY need to update my blog. I have a lot of pictures, but they're all on my phone, so that will be later...

-Jer officially got released from Young Mens/Scouts.  He went on his last Scout camp last weekend. 
-Ada loved Spring Break, especially getting to play with Mariah and not having school.  She had her braces put on this week too.  She's in heaven.  She feels all special.
-Sam loved part of Spring Break.  He wishes I'd let him play video games the entire week.  He had his first cavities ever.  He had three.  He has a problem with over-reacting to smells and tastes.  And cavity fillings definitely taste disgusting.  He completely lost it.  I had to hold his hands down and the assistant had to keep the jaw opener in his mouth because he kept trying to spit it out.  The first one was so bad that the dentist asked if we could schedule the next two for another time.  I said okay, but then Sam lost it again.  "You mean I have to come back and do this again!  No!  I don't want to!  Please, please! Just please finish my cavities!"  The dentist looked absolutely dumbfounded and said, "I've never had a kid beg me to fill cavities before."  I talked to Sam and let him know that they couldn't finish if he kept doing what he was doing.  He promised to behave.  The second one was better.  He screamed the entire time, but held still.  After a short break, he was tons better for the third one.  Hopefully he'll used tooth paste from now on... (I found out that he was brushing without the toothpaste because it leaves a film in his mouth that he doesn't like.)
-Evelyn has been ignoring me about everything, but then she acts all cute and innocent.  I wonder how much of it is trying to declare independence, and how much of it is acting out against her bossy older siblings being home all week. 
-Seth isn't hitting anymore and is happier lately because he gets to go outside any time he wants.  He hates napping though and even jumped out of his crib a couple of times.  He definitely still needs the nap. 

I loved Spring Break.  I hated the extra mess, but I loved the no schedule thing. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week of extras

Some weeks are full of have to dos... some are full of extras.  We were full of extras all this last week.  Not only did we have a fencing competition, but we had soccer start again. (Ada loves it in the cold she says, she doesn't get as sweaty.)  We also had Ada and Evelyn's ballet recitals.  I'm pretty sure this was Ada's last time in class, but Evelyn was excited as all get out.  Sam's last day of floorball for a while was also this week. I have to say though, while Ada and Sam LOVE soccer I don't like having them on different teams.  It worked out last year that practices were at the same time just a block away and games were at the same place one after another... I loved it.  This time it's Ada's game is the exact same time as Sam's practice all the way across town and vice versa.  Bleh.  We'll make it work.  That's why I don't have pictures of Sam's game this week though... Dad was asked to sub as coach for Sam and I took Ada to practice.

Ada and her friend Lily.  Ada is on the same team as 3 kids from her school.  They're a cute little group that reminds each other about soccer every time they run into each other.  Lily's twin, Beckham, sits by Ada in school and they share library books... They keep getting in trouble for talking, maybe there's a crush?

The theme this time was Peter Pan.  Ada's class were mermaids and Evelyn's were fairies.

I was sad that this one was blurry.  Ada practiced this jump over and over in our kitchen.