Friday, March 25, 2016

Wilcox St Patrick's/Easter party

We had our Wilcox Family party last weekend.  So much fun.  The kids had box races, jumped in the jumpy house for hours and hours, played with play dough that my mom made, played lawn games, ate dinner, made smores, and flew kites.  It was so fun!
Sam was not happy about being put in a box at all.... hate all over that face.  Yeah, he hates to dress up unless he's given a few weeks advanced notice to get used to the idea.

Ada was a cute little goalie... There were several of us with balls and she loved trying to block them all.

Ada loves when Grandpa pretends to be stuff crawling up her back.

Grandma played with the girls.  So fun!

Even baby and I did a race.  It was funny because as soon as Ada got the box on him he ran.... and he ran/walked the entire race course.... then he tried to get the box off as soon as he got to the end.  Super funny.

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Jenny H said...

That looks like so much fun! and Sammy's hate face is funny. All the warm weather needs to come our way!