Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ogden Train Show

We try to go to one of the two train shows in Utah every year.  Last couple of years, we've gone to the one at Thanksgiving Point.  This year, we went to the one in Ogden.  The kids loved seeing the actual trains and not just the models.  They especially loved having one that they could climb all over.  Jer and I both loved going to the Geneva Park when we were little... they had a train to climb and a pond with skeeters and tad poles. Ada missed her first grown up fencing competition so that Seth could see the trains.  When I told Evelyn where we were going she said, "Ohhhh!  Sethie's going to love that!"  He did too.  He wanted to see everything so badly that it was hard to get a picture of his face.  It's a great cheap activity too... it's $6 per adult and kids up til 13 are free... so we spent a whopping $12 for this fun day. (That being said, Jer did get a good deal on some model train cars. That's where their real income comes from.)

He was so proud of himself for climbing up this far without help.... Yeah, he's not the climber that Evelyn was, but he's got the enthusiasm to make up for it.

Jer was nervous with all the kids up there.  Sam and Evelyn just thought it was cool.  Ada was fine being up, but hated trying to get down. 

Baby "had" to climb the train too... he had the biggest grin on his face.

Seth looked like he didn't care for the train ride so much, until they stopped and Jer stood up.  Then he threw the biggest tantrum this napless boy could.  He only calmed down when we walked over to see more trains.

Ada was showing Seth how to ring the bell.

Afterwards we called up my brother McKay and his wife Sophie.  I really appreciate that we get some one on one time with each of my siblings on a fairly regular basis.  It's so fun to catch up and just be together.  The kids love playing with their cousins and exploring each others houses. 

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