Sunday, March 6, 2016


I've been so lucky this last week!  Not only did I get an awesome visit from my friend Jenny Harris, but I ran into one of my main childhood friends from 5th grade til graduation.  Apparently MaryAnn Clegg's sister is in my stake and she was visiting for church today.  That was a fun hour long visit with someone I haven't seen for 14 years!

Jenny asked if she could come visit for the Prove City Center Temple openhouse.  She has family close-ish, so I'm so glad that I get some of her time.  Then we went for sushi and chatted for a couple hours while the baby napped.  Then we went to the new Cohen brothers movie called Hail Ceasar while Jer took kids.  It's so fun to have a girls night with friends!  Thanks for thinking of me!

Yeah, Evelyn decided to start howling.  Nice.

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