Monday, March 28, 2016

Robertson Easter Egg Hunt

Amy hid some eggs and these guys had fun finding them.  Mariah was great at finding them and sharing.  Ada was struggling with the fact that she dropped an egg and the candy got dirty... she got over it, but I can't wait until that stage is over.  I love watching the kids run around and get excited.  Ada found one that had been hidden in an actual bird nest.  That was fun.


While we were at Grandma's house, Jonathan pulled out the tee-pee.  These guys had a blast. It was already getting dark, so I'll have to take my favorites and brighten them but here are these cuties.

Millie and Evelyn

Ellie and Seth

Back yard fun

What's better than cousins and Grandparents houses/yards?

Yeah... he's almost 2


Sam loved hitting the ball for the dog to get.

Ada and Mariah have really hit it off.

And yes, Seth is pushing a toy donut on a skate board.  What else would you do with it?

Robertson Easter dinner

We had fun eating things that Christ might have eaten.  Fish, lamb, dates, figs, flat bread, olives and grape juice.

Our Easter Morning

Our Easter morning started early.  We got up and dressed, then off to church in time to make the program, practice with the choir and for Jer to get a new calling.  I love Easter music, and Christmas music.  Ada has been doing just a great job with choir.  She loves being there just as much as Jer and I do.  Sam joined in today.  He sang loud and strong... all the altos were giggling and patting my back for having such a cute son.  Baby Seth was bouncing up and down with them music.  So fun.  We got one present for the kids to share... a stuffed Appa... they're in love.

The Sacrament talks were great, and the Relief Society lesson didn't have anything to do with the Resurrection, but it was amazing.  My friend, Echo, taught using the talk called 'Why the Church' by Elder Todd D. Christofferson.  She had some amazing things to say.  Some of the ones that caught me were the fact that we are part of an organized religion so that we can put our religion into practice on one another.  It tied in really well with the General Women's Conference that Ada and I went to on Saturday with Janelle and my Mom.  It was about love, service and especially about helping the refugees.  When I was about 8, my Grandpa Ellis sponsored a family of 6 from Vietnam to re-establish their lives here.  They lived with us and I completely fell in love with them.  It's such a neat experience to associate with someone else in such an intimate way.  To have love for them in a situation where they aren't sure how they will be received or how their lives will go forward.  My brother and sister in law went for a few years in a row to help those in Haiti.  Their love for the people is apparent when you speak to them.  Another sister in law collected baby carriers to be sent to the families that had lost so much when they were forced out of their homes.  We can all make a difference in many different kinds of ways.  We don't have to travel half way across the world to love our neighbor, but it is a vital part of our own salvation.

Jer was called as the Executive Secretary for anyone who's curious.  I know he'll do well.  He's already friends with those he'll work with, so that will make it easier to help and serve them.  He was also already serving in that same calling when we met.  Our Sunday schedule will change, but when they find someone to take his place in Scouts then we'll have about a week of vacation days back every year.... I'm excited about that.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Grandma's house

We had an impromptu Easter party at my parents house.  We baked/boiled eggs and decorated them, hunted for them and watched Easter videos from  The kids loved all of it, Seth broke most of the eggs, and Nellie was awesome with the decorating.

This picture makes me happy.... look at these people that I love!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

For the past few years, our neighbor has put on a neighborhood easter egg hunt.  We all drop on a bag of candy and she fills about 1,500 plastic eggs.  Then the older neighborhood kids hide them around our cul-de-sac and the youngers find them.  That along with a pot luck breakfast and there's something for everyone.  Seth didn't quite get it at first, but caught on in the end. 

This grabbed his attention after finding 2-3 eggs... then it was over from there.

My hunters.

He wanted to put the empty eggs into his bucket at the end... yep, he got the idea by then.