Monday, February 29, 2016

Phone pictures

Family night Ticket to Ride game.

Ada at ballet.  She loves being able to do stuff.... she lights up.

The awesome picture that the lady in front of the temple got of us.... I think she waited too long to click the picture.

Great-Grandpa's 96th bday party

Bed head baby

Sam during Floorball.  Sam and Ada are taking a floorball class.  Sam LOVES it, but he's at least 2-4 years younger than everyone else... and he's small for his age.  He's fast and good at stealing the ball, but these guys are good at blocking his shots.

Warm "spring" day drawing on the sidewalk.

Took Ada to Classic Skating for a bday party... while she was roller blading, I played with the younger two.  Fun stuff.

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