Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Violin

My Mom was in the Utah Youth Symphony.  She played the violin (so did her sister Diane, but I'm not sure if that was in the Symphony or at school).  Her violin was given to her on her 10th birthday by her Grandpa... who saved up to buy it when he was young.  My Mom got it fixed up and ready for Ada because she loves music and she told her how she wanted to learn to play the violin when she went to Ryan Shuppe and the Rubber Band with her and Grandpa.  When Ada opened up the box with the violin in it she, Sharon and I all teared up pretty good.  I wish I had gotten a picture of her face!  You'd think she was given a million dollars!  My Mom is going to be a good teacher... I just need to be a good helper at setting things up and reminding Ada to practice. 
My Mom also put together a scrap book page for the book that Ada and her started that had the history of her violin.  It has a picture of my Mom playing the violin, my Mom and Ada playing her violin together when Ada was 3 or 4, and a picture of my Mom's Grandpa.

Along the same note, my Great-Grandpa (Ada's Great-great Grandpa) that bought the violin married the owner of this violin.  They sat together in orchestra.  His wife died and he remarried to my Great-Grandma.  This violin was given to my Mom's sister, Diane, and then was re-gifted to his first wife's side of the family.  My Mom was thrilled that her the "sister violin" was also refurbished as a Christmas present for her cousin Lisa Killian Cook this year. Fun history. 

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