Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stake Conference

When I was younger, I didn't mind Stake Conference, especially when it was held in the Provo Tabernacle.  When I was a young adult, I looked forward to it.  As a young mom, I dreaded it... It's only been in the last two years that I've enjoyed it again.  And the kids actually did a decent job this time.  Jer was home sick and the baby stayed and slept... so it was me and the 3.  Sam usually whines the entire time through anything that isn't at home... he made it an hour and a half before even asking to go get a drink.  I was pretty impressed.  Ada took notes... it was cute.  I brought pencils this time instead of crayons or colored pencils.  That cut down on the noise and fighting over who had what.  That was nice.

Our conference had the theme of  "A Legacy and Heritage of Faith".  Saturday night was focused on pioneers and those that have gone before us with their faith and testimonies.  A couple of my favorites were:
      -We need to write down our testimonies for our posterity
      -John Tanner's story... wealthy lay minister who converted, sold all that he had and donated it to finish the Kirtland temple at the point when the property would have been reposed.  He and his family were impoverished from then on, but just imagine all the miracles that came from having the temple.  Joseph Smith seeing Elisha, angels surrounding the building witnessed by those who were there and those who were without, the practice that people got that allowed them to be ready for the covenants that they made in the Nauvoo temple... so many blessings made possible by one man's decision to follow the Lord.  "Blessings come from serving the Lord."
      -"Apostasy creeps in by skipping meetings, relaxing standards... all the while still being good people."  - a lady who's family converted when she was a child and left the church while she was on  her mission.  21 years after they left the church, her parents were rebaptized... but her 3 siblings have not.
     -"Never say Never." - answers come in the Lord's timetable.
     -"As a child I believed and didn't question what I was taught... but every now and then something would really touch me and build another layer onto my testimony." - Shelly Christensen really reminded me the necessity of teaching our children while they are young so that they have a base to add on.  "We rely on things we learned in the past, but we need to look for things to build our testimony now."
     -"Never discredit your testimony of the past for something you're going through now." - talking about when her sister died at 24 and the lack of testimony she felt she had at that time.
    -"Our faith must be centered in Jesus Christ to produce Salvation."  -Jaime Christensen
    -The story Jaime told about how he and his brother got out all the ingredients to make cookies, but couldn't use the mixer, so they put them in the dryer.  They had good intentions and were just trying to follow mom's example... "Sometimes we have all the right ingredients, just not the right mixing bowl."
     -A newly returned missionary "Mother's if you doubt not, your children will doubt not as well."
     -Use our ancestors stories to strengthen our faith. 
     -Pres Hinkley's talk in Nov 1999 about links in a chain.
     -"A conversion story is ongoing."

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