Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Eve

New Year's we spent at the Robertsons to help the Hansen kids have a fun time while their parents were gone cleaning their house in AZ.  Ggma's birthday is the day before New Year's eve, so we also sang Happy Birthday.  I think she's 96 because Seth was their 94th grandchild when they were 94... and he's 16 months old now.

Ggpa totally ignored the celebration until everyone teased him into kissing his wife for New Years... This was the awesome conversation:
Judy: "Aren't you going to give your wife a New Year's kiss?"
Ggpa: "Well, I have to find her first." (she was on the other end of the table)
Everyone: "Well go on then!"
Ggpa: "Happy Birthday Jane."
Ggma: "Nah uh...." (wouldn't kiss grandpa til everyone told him that she wanted a New Year's Eve kiss instead of a birthday one...)

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