Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Midway Ice Castles

So, we're semi broke this year between paying for a fence with no saving and all, but we still wanted to do some fun things throughout the year.  One of them was the Midway Ice Castles.  We bought tickets to them almost three years ago, but the week before we could go to it the ice castles closed.  They said we could use the tickets the next year and they only opened for one week and closed because of the warm winter.  This year we were determined to use them.  And it worked out well that we didn't have to pay for them.  We ended up going with my parents and my sister Janelle.  My mom was a trooper since she just had knee surgery and we didn't know that we'd be sloshing through snow... I knew that they said to wear boots, but there was snow up above my ankles in most parts... which means that the kids kept getting snow in their boots too.  Evelyn was thrilled to meet Elsa and Ana.  Ada especially loved the slides made out of ice.  I borrowed my friend's camera and wanted to be careful with it, so I kind of went slower down the big slide and it back fired on me.... I got stuck on a part that had started melting during the days and had to wiggle my way down to where I could slide again. It was super fun.  Evelyn had a break down about half way through the night and I could figure it out.  We put some hand warmers in her boots and that seemed to help... then on the way out she cried until we got to the car and took her wet socks off... then she was happy again.  Baby really wanted me to hold him, but was mostly content with having people stand next to the walls so that he could rub the ice back and forth.  He loved going up onto the wall and watching cars drive around in the parking lot too. 

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Diane said...

Yay! Glad you made there this winter. It looks beautiful!