Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Funny kids

So a couple of funny stories over the last week. 

1 - Sam had a hard time getting to sleep the other day.  He came in to our room whining that he was having nightmares. (He'd been in his room 5 minutes)  He said that in his nightmare, a video game broke and everyone became man eating cheese.  I couldn't help but giggle.

2 - Ada and Mariah have been playing a lot in the last week or two.  Mariah and Ada went into the back yard to take care of their dog, Mavis.  They didn't come back for a while and eventually we heard Ada crying.  She came in with her tongue sticking out.  I asked her what happened and she said that Mariah had dared her to stick her tongue to the tether ball pole.  I just started laughing.  I couldn't even help thinking about The Christmas Story and the kid stuck to the flag pole.  After I got more out of her, it turns out that Mariah wanted to try it, so she licked the pole softly.  It looked like it didn't hurt, so Ada tried it and stuck her tongue on there and Mariah did it again.  They both came in with pieces ripped out of their tongues and embarrassed at what they'd done.

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