Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Day

After Christmas morning, we spent the afternoon and evening with my parents, brothers, and sisters.  I'm so glad when we can get everyone together.  It's so fun.  We all brought a white elephant gift for the adults and my parents got the kids each a gift.  Sam got a battery powered train that goes around his whole bedroom.  He loves trying to get all the cars in line and honestly does a fairly good job of it and very much entertains Seth in the process.  Evelyn got Frozen themed stuff... Elsa and Anna finger puppets (which she insists on keeping next to my bed so I can keep them safe) and a picture to hang in her room.  Seth got (gasp) cars and a car book.... happy baby, that's for sure.  The big one deserves a blog of it's own... but Ada was given my Mom's violin.
This was my mom giving Ada and Aubrey a violin lesson. Ada was sooooo excited.

Mom and Dad got a new couch and everyone was in heaven.

It was fun to go sledding with everyone.  They had a blast, no one cried (except Seth a little), and Seth even loved going down with Dad a few times. 

Amazingly, Sam who never willingly agrees to any part of the Nativity decided he'd be okay with being the innkeeper.  Evelyn was my shoulder angel.  She decided that was the only way to go after Daddy did it with her and Millie last time.

Ada Mary with Lance Joseph.

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